A Cool Learning Tool?

Aug 16, 2017

Just read an article in WIRED, RHETT ALLAIN “The best way to test students? Make them explain it on video.” It’s about how this physics teacher uses videos, that students create and submit, to test their depth of knowledge and help to learn. What a great idea! We talk about having measurable objectives in our snowsports…

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Phase Terminology

Aug 10, 2017

Heard someone call the end of a turn an “exit.”  Psycho-linguistically, that may be a more effective way of labeling the end phase of a turn. Describing the start and ends of turns as “entries” and “exits” may at times be better, especially during coaching instruction. I know people use “shaping phase” a lot to…

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70 Miler with Susan

Jul 14, 2017

Susan wanted to ride her bike 70 miles before her 70th birthday. So she’s been training for it. I’ve been encouraging her to go for it. The distance is not that big a deal to me as I’ve ridden lots of long distance rides. But to Susan 70 miles seems (seemed) like a long ways.…

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Flexion or Extension or Both

Jul 11, 2017

I participated in a task during a Precision Skiing clinic last year at Vail. I believe the clinician was Jennifer Simpson. Anyway the task was to initiate one set of turns, like all the right hand turns, using extension and all the left turns using flexion. Then switch sets. Aside from feeling the differences, it’s…

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On Blogging and Just Writing

Jul 6, 2017

It’s feels like it has been a couple years at least since I’ve made a “blog” post here. I have various sites in which I create content. Multiple sites have evolved focused on specific topics rather than one blog/website where in the content is separated by categories. Unfortunately this blog has not had many entries…

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Riding season has begun

May 28, 2016

I’ve got in 90 miles so far this week. Hopefully get a few more tomorrow to get more than 100. That’s been my goal the last couple of years during riding season is to get at least 100 per week. Here is an embed from Strava on a fun ride I took on a windy…

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Susan’s Hit Nose Incident

May 25, 2016

Put together this quick slide show of Susan getting hit in the nose by Simon while we were trying to do selfies. So it’s Henry, Karen, Simon, and Susan sitting on the bench and me taking the pics.

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Picking Up

May 24, 2016

Starting to blog again. I’ve been consolidating my domain names and moving sites to one location under one account. It’s going to end up saving some money. Rather than subscribe to multiple accounts for websites that are actually mine just doesn’t make sense. As I’ve been updating these sites I’m finding renewed interest in writing…

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My Sister Dee’s Visit

Dec 19, 2015
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All Mountain Performance

Oct 24, 2013

I copied a list of topics from possible Rocky Mountain Trainer clinics and inserted them into a previous post. I said they would make great topics to write about and would be most useful to me in the future. So here it goes, first topic is All Mountain Performance. What do I know about AMP?…

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Writing My Own Epitaph

Jun 26, 2013

Long ago at a business meeting, an inspirational speaker talked about solving problems if you don’t like setting goals. Most of the talk is lost to my recollection, but there was a point that has stuck with me over the years. The point was that if you want to live a fulfilling life you should…

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Topic Ideas

Jun 25, 2013

Here I am again trying to write. It would help if I had a focus on what I want to write about.  They say, and I agree, writing can help to iron out feelings, clarity, or expertise on a given topic. In my morning haze between sleep and awakeness I had this thought, why not…

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