Here’s Rick

Aug 25, 2021

Well here I am! Do you want a reason I’m here? Well never mind. Something, I would have to say, then I can go on. Using the Photo Booth. The picture above. What do you think? I’ll come back later. It’s way too busy right now. Cheers!

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Waning (prev: Add A Title)

Feb 20, 2020

Now it begins again. What I was thinking about writing. I haven’t done it for quite sometime. I really don’t know where my mind is at. Desire seems to be down to a waning at what I’m doing. February 20, 2018 was the nite I had a stroke. It was about 10:00pm. Writing now because…

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Skiing, …

Aug 2, 2018

February 20, 2018 struck me down with a stroke. Eighteen day in hospital. Can you believe you skied last year during my recovery? You went 15 days out of 17 left in the season. You wouldn’t believe it. I could barley talk. I went my first day after I wasn’t even walking. It was all…

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From Another Century

Feb 20, 2018

Words from a Dylan song, “Something There is About You” are in the title of this post. I happen to be listening to Pandora Radio my alternative country station. Would a person from a previous century tell the difference in time by just standing in one place and observing? Here I go with questions again.…

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CS1: Gateway to Excellence

Jan 31, 2018

It may seem silly to think that improving your teaching skills with children can help you to become a better skier/rider, instructor/coach, individual/citizen, supervisor/staff member. You may have heard an instructor or two say, “I’d much rather teach adults.” Our personalities and world views are pretty much formed by the time we’re 10 years old.…

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Elements of a good PSIA bio

Jan 30, 2018

While clearing notes of scrap papers on my desk I found a list I’d jotted down referring to what makes a good biography in the ski industry. Here they are: Be eternally grateful to someone for their inspiration. Encourage people to take lessons and offer a guarantee. Have other “cool” activities that you do. Talk…

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Getting Folks Into An Athletic Stance

Dec 20, 2017

This is probably one the hardest and most important skills that needs to be developed in skiers. If they are not in an athletic stance then they just will not be able to keep up with their skis. In other words their center of mass (their balance) will be behind their base of support (their…

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Thoughts on Being Inspirational

Dec 19, 2017

You may have seen the PSIA/AASI posters that encourage us to inspire. Sounds good, but what does it mean? Why should we even care about inspiring others? Isn’t it enough to just enjoy what we’re doing? Or, “Hey I’m just trying to have fun!” Let’s say we do look at being inspirational from a selfish…

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Got Captured

Nov 29, 2017

Ha! They caught me on video. Now This is Colorado did a promo about Monarch’s opening day. I don’t even remember when the shot of me saying it’s great was taken. The only reason I saw it was because my daughter Rikki shared it on her FB feed.

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Attention idea for article

Nov 27, 2017

I’m reading “Attention and Motor Skill Learning,” by Gabriele Wulf. So far I’m seeing that many studies have been done that suggest one’s attention affects motor skill learning, performance, and retention and shows that relevant external foci generally improves these three compared to internal foci. As I’ve been playing around with trying to figure out…

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Attention and Performance

Oct 31, 2017

Thinking about the movements needed for high performance can actually be a detriment to high performance. Depending on the skill level of an athlete, thinking about how to move to perform a task will likely result in stiff, slow movement patterns. Many high performance skills rely on smooth, fluid, and quick movement patterns. An athlete…

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PSIA-RM Fall Training 2017

Oct 26, 2017

All signed up for the upcoming fall training in Breckenridge, November 12 to 14th. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet lots of folks in our division. Rub shoulders with my counterparts from other areas. It’s been a broadening experience every time I’ve gone. I think I’ve been about 10 times over the years. I believe…

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