Elements of a good PSIA bio

While clearing notes of scrap papers on my desk I found a list I’d jotted down referring to what makes a good biography in the ski industry. Here they are:

  1. Be eternally grateful to someone for their inspiration.
  2. Encourage people to take lessons and offer a guarantee.
  3. Have other “cool” activities that you do.
  4. Talk about “connecting” with students.
  5. Be thankful to your school/division/national organization.
  6. Mention the benefits of the education you’re getting in your career.

Just points I wrote after reading the bio of someone who was obviously the model representative. It was a sidebar to an article of a young guy that had made it to high levels of certification at such a young age. Actually, it seemed to me that how incredible that such a young man could have such a high level of maturity. I wondered if he didn’t have help with the answers in his bio questions. He said all the right things.

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