Ski Season Approaches

It’s September, early month. Talking about where to stay doing work. I’ve gave Drees my intention at Crested Butte. I tell folks that ask am I going to work this coming season. Been thinking about ski technique. I’m thinking not going to Rocky Mountain Trainer. I don’t want the pressure as far as my health. I’m just a skier, then an instructor, “peak” part-time commitment.

I think about a bigger commitment. I’d like to do those full-time responsibility. But then what about ski aways. That’s what gives me a Vail pass. That’s 40 world wide resorts. Then I’ve got a retirement pass at Monarch, that’s supposed to be a lifetime.

Last year I put in over 90 days on the snow. To me it seems like a lot of days. I’d like to ski more places this coming year. We’ll see.

See that this post has categories listed under “Skiing/Instructing” as a choice. Then there is a “PSIA Teaching Methods” as another. Makes me wonder how those two are grouped together. I should come up with a “Skiing” category.

Last year I started contemplating skiing as an activity that survives on it’s own. Nothing else to think about.

Video by Guy Sedillo (2022)
Video by Susan Boucher (a day before my stroke, 2018)

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