Skiing, …

February 20, 2018 struck me down with a stroke. Eighteen day in hospital. Can you believe you skied last year during my recovery? You went 15 days out of 17 left in the season. You wouldn’t believe it. I could barley talk. I went my first day after I wasn’t even walking. It was all being very careful. My first sliding on the snow. My right side was not responding at the same speed as my left. Skiing was very slow for me. So my first lift was Tumbo then little Joe. I took a lift ride up the Garfield, and then a run down Sleepy Hollow. All was good. I didn’t fall. It was all calculated. I took it slow.

By the time I was skiing on day 15, I can say I was skiing at least 3 hours. Left and right. Tried maneuvers. I was working on White Pass Turns when I was working on them before I was struck. I couldn’t do them hardly at all. Yes but, I was doing black runs, but not the very hardest. I kept doing Tele Ally. Yippee!

The new new season is coming. I have some to tell.

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