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Now it begins again. What I was thinking about writing. I haven’t done it for quite sometime. I really don’t know where my mind is at. Desire seems to be down to a waning at what I’m doing.

February 20, 2018 was the nite I had a stroke. It was about 10:00pm. Writing now because I don’t do it anymore. Writing was something I did when I was trying to heal. My speaking handicap was struck the worst I guess. Physically my right side kind of went limp. I’m lucky.

No title. Just a blog entry. Don’t have too much to say. Maybe I tell you about getting my attention. Maybe I’ll try to write more tomorrow. Maybe I can feel normal. I’m saying I feel normal. No alcohol, no pot; I am honestly say I’m sober. Struggling with pot. I have it. Yesterday I even found a processor for substance.

So I’m here. I’m present. I’m taking it easy. Talking to my mom, my sister, Dee. Talking to Rikki and to Carl not too much, but sort of regularly, say it’s a couple months could go by.


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