Learning a New Way

Here I am. It’s been a long time.

I come into WordPress, and I try to find my way around. Just trying stuff I can’t find it. Is it me, or has it been a long time. So, so much has changed things, didn’t it?

No writing comes from me hardly anywhere. No form of medium. Taking this chance might light a fire beneath my ass. A catalyst is needed it this writer of this.

Get goin’ on somethin’.

There’s a different things in my life where I’m seeing things I’m doing them. Skiing, for example, new movements in my technique show up unexpected. Mostly on things I’m doing: rotating my right leg, how my right foot, my right knee, ankle range of movement, my arm won’t pole plant all says DIRT.

What about being half-wit, being the left side of my wits. It patched up. Trying to work through thoughts realize what’s happening how it’s all working. I realize that things I didn’t know. Slowly building back up to a place where I can see how I was happy before.

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