Time for Orientation

Monarch Ski and Ride School is holding it’s employee re-hire orientation today. It will be held up on the mountain in the “bubble.” It should be interesting to see who all shows up again this year. It should also be interesting to see new faces, or perhaps people that took a few years off and are coming back. It’s very much like a social event. There are those however that do not attend but still work for us. One individual I know always seems to schedule a trip to far away places each year that just happens to coincide with the same date of the re-hire orientation. Personally I kind of enjoy the meeting. Especially getting reaquainted with everyone.

Before today all re-hires needed to fill out paperwork and have it delivered to the Monarch offices in downtown Salida. The paperwork included the standard information such as US citizenship, tax forms, season pass information, and stuff. One of the forms has a list to indicate what types of lessons you can teach such as adults, children, what levels, ski, snowboard, tele, disabled, etc. The more check boxes you can fill in the higher your pay rate. It made me wonder if I should attend some other kinds of clinics to broaden my teaching. 
Freestyle clinics might be interesting. Then there are the children’s clinics and the teaching the elderly clinics. Or I could even venture off into a new disipline. Tele seems like something I’d like. I’ve been so focused on attaining Level III certification that I have not really considered other disiplines. There is a school of thought that says a well rounded snowsports instructor should be able to teach multi disiplines. Sort of like training for a triathalon rather than for just cycling. But I wonder if a tri-athelete can really compete at the same level as a single sport athelete can at the top levels.

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