Signed Up!

Turned in my paperwork for Monarch Mountain employment for the ’08-’09 season the other day. The deadline was something like November 1st. I applied for full-time, 90-days (probably means actually working more than 100 days). Monarch Ski and Ride School has 90, 70, 50, 30, 18, and 10 day commitments. The more committed you are the higher on the lesson rotation you are, among other things like years of employment, level of certification, your “return request” rate, etc. Last year I think my rate of return requests was like 50%. That’s not bad for an instructor that does not normally teach Children’s Center lessons (3-6 year olds). Instructors that do teach CC lessons tend to have a higher return rate. I guess once a parent sees that the child is comfortable with you it’s almost a given that they will request you next time. From what I understand there are a limited number of slots for each of the level of commitments. I think there is only room for nine or tem 90-dayers. Good thing I got my paperwork in on time. Employee orientation is November 8th. That’s where we will go over our schedules. Once I have that I’ll post it here. I think there’s a good chance I’ll get hired on as a 90-dayer. This will be my 18 season at Monarch.

I’m hoping to be involved in leading many more instructor clinics this year. The majority of lessons at Monarch are beginning skiers. Leading instructor clinics gives me the opportunity to teach to upper level skiers. So I’ll be stepping up to volunteer whenever possible to help teach the newer instructors. This should help me to finally pass full certification with PSIA. Since Level III PSIA is certified to teach upper level lessons, it really helps in the exam process to have taught lots of upper level lessons. Although I’m tempted to move to another ski area where there are lots of upper level lessons (Vail, Telluride, Steamboat, Winter Park,  . . . ) my loyalty to Monarch is great. I love this place. Plus we have some of the best all natural snow in the world. If you really like to ski/ride, Monarch really allows you to do that. We have great terrain, great snow, and great people. They aren’t kidding in the ads when they say “Loose the lines, not your friends.”

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