08-09 Calendar

Looks like I’m going to be working more than 90 days at Monarch again this year. We had to fill in our schedule at our recent employee re-hire meeting on Saturday. I basically tried to give myself two days off a week. During the middle of the season I switch to Thursdays and Fridays off so that I can participate in the weekly Town Challenge race. Otherwise my normal days off are going to be Mondays and Tuesdays. I hope they’ll allow me to change my schedule when ski out opportunities arise, like clinics, exams, and such events. Say if I get the opportunity to ski at Alta or someplace like that, I’ll surely try to rearrange my schedule if possible. Hmmm, I just counted up the days and they add up to 103 days of teaching. I’ll definitly have to find more days off than what I’ve got so far. I’m more than happy though when it comes to request private lessons. I come in on my days off for those. Gotta keep the guests happy!

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