Two Fundamental Models to Teaching Well

Two models found in PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors Association) Rocky Mountain Division, are the Teaching Model and the Guest Centered Teaching (GCT) Concept. These should be ingrained in every instructor in all they do. They should be second nature to how they conduct snowsports instruction.

Overlayed on the graphic example of the GCT model below is the Teaching Model (Introduce, Assess, Determine Goals, Plan, Present Information, Practice, Check for Understanding, and Summarize). Under the Teaching Model is the GCT model of identifying and facilitating motivations, understanding, and movements. The arrows signify the circular nature of the process.

Can you tell if your instructor followed some similar structure in your lesson? One thing good about asking for a certified instructor is that they will have learned these methods and you’ll have a better lesson. You’ll also notice some consistency in lessons taken at different areas if you’re with different certified instructors.

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