Tiger Sharks

Sorry I’ve been so busy teaching and skiing that it is hard to find time to sit and blog. Monarch has been great this year. The snow is awesome, from powder to beautiful packed powder bumps. It’s all good.

I got some new skis that I really couldn’t afford. But hey, the ski shop, Mountain Sports Haus, let me have a payment plan. At first I didn’t like these Volkl Tiger Shark Power Swtich skis. But after skiing on them for a little while, I am so turned on by them. They do what ever I want them to do when ever I want them to do it. If I want to hold an edge, they are like so totally holding, if I want to skid around they’re okay with that too. The reviews say that are not so great in the powder, but I’ve been having a great time with ’em there. That’s probably because there are skis out there now (like the Volkl Mantras that I want bad) that are specifically for powder. I’m still gonna try to get a pair of Mantras to use on the Snow Cat, but these Tiger Sharks are like so awesome. As an all mountain ski for an instructor, I don’t think you can do any better.

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