Lots of Lessons

Mostly I’ve been getting private lessons this year. I’m almost up to 25 hours worth of request privates. After 25 hours I’ll get a significant pay increase. Most of my request privates are coming from relationships that I’ve developed in past years. People from Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and lots of locals are requesting me. They’re actually remembering me and asking for me. I’m like the second most requested instructor at Monarch. The person with the most requests is trolling the lobby and pretensiously helping people decide what kind of lesson to take. He also works in the Children’s Center which helps a lot in getting requests. So I feel like I’m not doing too bad considering I don’t teach CC nor do I troll the lobbys.

The people who are taking request lessons from me are people that I’vd developed a relationship with, in lessons, in the past. I think they feel like they know me and want me back. I work hard at developing relationships with people. The best lessons are when I really understand their motivations and then work hard to help them reach their goals.

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