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A heckler called out “Have you seen Epci Ski? They got Bob Barnes over there.” This was during my talk in front of about 100 Monarch instructors about the MyMonarchSpace (here I go mentioning MMS again). Needless to say that I had to check it out for myself.

She was right, over at there truly is a wealth of information about skiing, great links to other ski related sites, and best of all some of the best snow sport instructors from all over the universe posting comments and discussing great stuff. You’ll find Bob Barnes, Weems Westfeldt, Ric Ricter, and Stu Cambell and lots of others.

They have a section called EpicSki Instructor & Coach Listing where instructors from all over can register and offer their services.

In their Training and Technique section they have:

Fore/Aft Alignment
Footwork for Good Skiing
Release Timing
Tip Lead
Anatomy of Turns
Inside Leg Extension
Elements of Edging

Skiing “in” Snow
Hopping Off Cornices

General Tips
Active Feet & Legs
Efficiency in Moguls

Weight Training
Injury &Skiing

Body Mechanics
KISS Biomechanics
Movement Analysis

I found all kinds of cool links in these threads and some really great discussion going way back. And I’m just getting started. I haven’t registered yet. At the moment I’m still in awe. I think there is much to learn there, especially in the practice of articulating all things skiing.

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  1. Off-piste on November 21, 2007 at 1:16 pm

    Having been unaware of EpicSki, I’ve now found myself spending an awful lot of time reading the forums. Some great material there!

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