Activity at MyMonarchSpace

At this moment there are over 170 people that have joined MMS. Personally I find it a little adicting. It may wear off, but right now I keep going back to check out how many new friends I have, looking at new postings in the discussion/forum areas, and looking at the new uploads that members are posting.

I created a private group in MMS that I think our ski/ride school might use to help get announcements out to part-timers and instructors that live in other towns. I suggested to the marketing department that they register a new domain name to point to the MMS. I sense confusion about how to find it when talking to people. Currently the best way to get there is through a link on the home page.

The effectiveness of helping students/guests to find me and book lessons on MMS has yet to be seen. It’s just another piece of the marketing pie. I think I’m about done talking about MMS here. I’d like to continue looking at other instructor website/blog examples. This whole experience is turning up some very interesting online sites.

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