A Cool Learning Tool?

Just read an article in WIRED, The best way to test students? Make them explain it on video.” It’s about how this physics teacher uses videos, that students create and submit, to test their depth of knowledge and help to learn. What a great idea!

We talk about having measurable objectives in our snowsports training. What better way to measure what a student knows than having them explain it to you. We could take this higher and have our instructors participate in creating videos to demonstrate their knowledge of the concepts and demonstrate their own skill levels. But more than for testing, they are for learning. A great line in the article is, “Every physics professor knows that the person who learns the most in class is the instructor.” I’ve said this for years as, “The best way to learn how to ski is to teach it.” I think if there are instructors striving to attain higher levels of certification, a cool tool could be to have them create a video of the very thing they need to work on.

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