Asking Guests to Request Me

In yesterday’s afternoon rehire session on MA (movement analysis), near the end we talked about how to encourage guests to return for more coaching. I feel like I kind of went off in left field talking about developing a relationship with the client and stuff. What I should have said was that, bottom line, the instructor needs to ask the guest to take another lesson. This “asking” can be done many different ways depending on many various situations. Having a relationship of trust with a guest just makes it easier to “ask” them to come back for a lesson with you. Doing a great job of satisfying the guest’s needs, makes it easy to “ask” them to come back, so does doing a great job of MA, or making the lesson fun, or whatever you need to do, to do a great job, makes it easy to “ask” them to come back. Giving them homework and the knowledge that their progress will continue if they come back for another lesson, makes it easy to “ask.” And although we didn’t use the word “ask” yesterday, we did mention that “it” has to start at the introduction of the lesson (and I’d say even before the lesson starts) and continue through to the summary.

Unless you ask your guests to come back, I don’t think you can really expect them to ask for you again.

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  1. rickyb on November 8, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    Ok, maybe it’s more than that. I was just talking with my SO and she says that she “assumes” they will take another lesson from her. Thus all her words and actions in general during the lesson suggest to the guest that they will be taking another lesson.

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