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I copied a list of topics from possible Rocky Mountain Trainer clinics and inserted them into a previous post. I said they would make great topics to write about and would be most useful to me in the future. So here it goes, first topic is All Mountain Performance.

What do I know about AMP? Well I actually taken this clinic from PSIA-RM within the past few years. I’ve also given a shortened version of this clinic in one of my RMT exams as a candidate.

In the exam environment there is only about 30 minutes or so to deliver your core message, so it must be hyper focused, zeroing down to a very narrow point. The audience in an exam is your peers, so RMT candidates. What can you teach RMT candidates about the very broad topic of All Mountain Performance within 30 minutes?

Here is a course description from PSIA-RM:

Course Description: This clinic is for the all mountain skier who is looking to ski the entire mountains terrain! Participants will develop skills and tactics on green, blue, black, double black, groomed, and off-piste terrain. Participants will develop stronger understanding of tactical and technical choices. Participants will develop their ability to receive and give feedback and will make changes in their skiing and understanding to better connect with guests and fellow instructors.

What I see in that description is:

  1. Entire mountain’s terrain
  2. Skill and tactic development
  3. Tactical and technical choices
  4. Give and receive feedback
  5. Make changes

When I gave the clinic in an RMT exam my outlined description and objective was:

Course Description

This clinic will spend most of the time skiing (i.e. two or three runs in allotted time). As a group we will explore tactics shared by the participants on various terrain or conditions.

Course Objectives

  • RMT candidates will share with group at least one specific tactic they used on each of various types of mountain terrain or snow conditions skied in this clinic. (cognitive)

How’d it turn out, you ask? Well I was told I had a great start. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We did ski two runs on some great terrain high up on Breckenridge slopes (names to come). It was last spring, so memory fades a little, but here is the feedback on my score card under Clinic Leading Skills:

Strong start with your objective statement. Fun activities, but lack of technical conclusions detracted from effectively reaching stated objective. Continue to develop in your ability to make definitive statements about beliefs and observations. This will help you communicate accurate and personal feedback to participants.

My ability to make definitive statements . . . . I’m going longer than I want here. If I continue I’ll be rambling. Gotta get back to you on what a definitive statement is.

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  1. Mike MacDonald on December 16, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    Pretty cool Rick. I did a search regarding GCT and your site popped up. Good stuff.

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