70 Miler with Susan

Susan wanted to ride her bike 70 miles before her 70th birthday. So she’s been training for it. I’ve been encouraging her to go for it. The distance is not that big a deal to me as I’ve ridden lots of long distance rides. But to Susan 70 miles seems (seemed) like a long ways. Very proud of the fact that she worked her way up to it, then just went out and did it. I think she’s been bitten by the cycling bug.

It was a great day to ride. Not too hot, not too windy, not too rainy. Just right. We started about 8:30. She had the route all planned out that would give her the mileage she wanted. I tried a couple times to suggest alternate routes, but she was fairly firm on the route she had planned.

Meanwhile, I downloaded an app called “Relive” the other day that connects into your GPS tracking app. In my case I use DailyMile, tell it to upload to Strava and then Relive reads that data. Wanky, huh?

View our ride on Relive.

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