Why I'll do well at social media marketing

I’ve been studying social media marketing for quite some time really in one way or another. It’s reletively recent that the terms Web 2.0 and social media marketing have become buzz words. It’s really a logical progression in my career as a web developer and search engine optimizer that I should offer SMM services to my clients.

Here are some reasons:

  • I’ve been involved with using the Internet since before WWW became the dominant application. I’ve seen and used communication methods come and go. For example I was using instant messaging on Novel local area networks back in 1989.
  • I have an MBA in eBusiness earned in 2004 from an online university (University of Pheonix).
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Fine Arts with a focus on creative writing. Don’t forget Content is still king.
  • Experienced in web development, graphic arts, copywriting, editing, user interface design, and message publishing.
  • Experienced professional desktop publisher.
  • Certified with Professional Ski Instructors of America as a professional ski instructor. Experienced in communication skills.
  • Experienced in search engine optimization.
  • Experienced in technical  editing, technical writing, newsletter creation.
  • I’ve been talking about the fact that “everyone has a presence online, and do you want to manage your’s” since 2004. It was my business tagline. I’ve also been saying that the best way to improve your rankings in search engines is to “participate!” There is currently no better way to participate on the Internet than social media.

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