Wedge or Pizza?

Ha! I just saw a Wiki page on how to ski. Yesterday I mentioned that the European website I added to my list of links here called the wedge a “snowplow.” I’d forgotten that it is also sometimes known as the “pizza” like it is described in the Wiki article. 

Of course it all depends on who you’re talking to. Any of the terms is fine in the appropriate context. I generally like to use the term wedge when talking to adults and pizza (or “A”) when talking to children or youngsters. This reminds me that it is sometimes useful to refer to the alphabet when talking to children because then you get to talk about “Mr. X.” We don’t ever want to see our skis turn into Mr. X because you know what happens then. 🙂 An another letter we want to avoid is “Mr. V.” “Mr. H” can be a lot of fun when we want to go fast.
Some teenagers might remember the Southpark episode where the ski instructor teaches them to use the pizza and french fries. Then he has them follow him down a hill repeating the phrase “pizza, french fries, pizza, french fries.” I’ve had fun with young people who remember it. 
I’m wondering if I should sign up with Wiki and start editing those articles on how to ski.

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