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I ran across another site that seems to be dedicated to a similar concept as I have here. Actually it is probably more thought out and seems to be developed more as a business model. It’s called According to the site it’s been set up for snow pros who want to have web sites to enhance their relationships with their clients. The main writers on MySnowPro seem to be Jonathan Lawson and Greg Davis from Breckenridge. It looks like a great site and the content on it seems to be quality. However the last entry seems to be from March 2007 from Greg. Jonathan seems to have added an entry in August. This is interesting in light of my own efforts to feed my own blog. Are they running out of steam? Is there not enough interest? My own efforts are not nearly as grand. I have no desire to sign up other instructors. I am not trying to set up a web site dedicated to helping other instructors stay connected. I applaud Jon and Greg’s efforts, but I think they tried to create something bigger than which they have time and resources. I’m sure as professional snow sport instructors/trainers they are very busy as it is. The reasons they give to join MySnowPro website as an instructor are all very good. The last sentence in their reasons for joining MSP is, “ is the best customer service tool for instructors that you can get! And it’s an incredible thank you to your students.” The idea of thanking my students and customer service are a couple of the main reasons I created this blog. As a matter of fact, if I had seen more current entries on their site, I probably would have joined immediately. I’m usually not one to try and re-invent the wheel. Oh well I did sign-up for their newsletter, I read through their whole site, watched their videos, and got some cool ideas for my own site. They’ve done a great job. I hope they get more entries for themselves and even other instructors to sign up for their service. I’m considering signing up for their service for my own promotional efforts.

Nice to see I’m not alone and the more interconnected we are the better. Here’s another site, with similar purpose and seems very current. Are we seeing a trend here? Maybe someday you’ll need to have your own website or blog to become fully certified with PSIA!

Only 74 days until Monarch opens on November 17th!

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