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SMM is/should be a part of a broader marketing plan. It is not a stand alone marketing strategy.

Over at the Hubspot blog, there is an article entitled “Please Don’t Start a Social Media Marketing Agency.” They asked agencies applying for a training program what primary service they offer. Here’s their graph of responses:

Lately I’ve been offering my services as a social media marketer. Not having much luck in this part of the world, Salida, Colorado. I’m a one man shop, not an agency.

I’ve been developing websites for the past 17 years. You’ll notice that the main primary service offered by agencies is Website Design and Development. Being a freelance developer is becoming tougher and tougher with the ease of creating an online presence these days.

My focus changes from ski instructing to web design/development during the summers. This summer I’ve been turned down four times because potential/previous clients told me they had a daughter, niece, nephew that is going to build their site.

I see the wisdom in not just focusing on SMM. Another term Hubspot uses is “Inbound Marketing.” It’s not a well known term, but one that makes a lot of sense.

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