Rode Hard Today

I was on my road bike today for a 3 hour ride. Most of the time I was thinking about how much it will end up helping me when ski season gets started. I find the only real way for me to get in shape is to ride my bicycle and watch what I eat. Now if I can cut down on the beer, I’ll be really getting ahead in my quest to be fit for the upcoming season. I started out in the spring just riding a couple times a week for about an hour each time. Now I’m up to at least 5 days a week and riding for 2 to 3 hours! I’m obsessed! Don’t give me your cry baby story about how hard you’re working out on your bicycle. I think the more you ride the more addicted you get and the better it feels. You can feel sorry for me if I don’t ride for a day and I’m all grumpy cuz I need my ride fix.

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