Post once to many

I think this is so cool! I can post to most of my blogs and social media just by sending an email to my Posterous account. It seems really quite simple, but it's taken me a while to set up some of the places I want to post to. Some were simpler than others to set up.

Here's a list of places I'm sending this particular post to:
Couple of concerns I have though, it sounds like Posterous stores pictures, videos, etc. for you and Posterous tends to want to insert a line or two of text at the bottom of posts to show you're using it. Some of the settings seem to allow you to remove that "feature." About the pictures and video storage, I suppose that could be considered a good thing.

Something else I'm wondering about is how it's going to handle photos. I'm using Gmail, and I'm not seeing how I can insert a photo inline rather than attach it. Perhaps it'll be different on my iPhone.

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