Out About Town and Pressure Control

We were out in town last night enjoying the many friends we have here in Salida at our favorite watering hole, Benson’s Tavern. I got into a discussion with Boyd about pressure control. He and I go back and forth on this every once in a while. I mentioned that I believed ski racers actually loose time when they become airborn. It was kind of funny because he said yeah, but that’s because they are sailing sometimes for 2 to 3 hundred feet! He’s got a point there. In normal everyday skiing where we’re regulating pressure between the snow and skis, decreasing pressure does not seem to slow you down. In fact it probably causes you to go faster. Increasing pressure would seem to cause you to slow down. I have to give this some thought so that I can go back to Boyd and somehow explain that I’m talking about a more even distribution of pressure through out turns equals more efficient, better balanced skiing. I’m thinking the opposite of someone that is braced and braking and trying hard to increase presssure under their skis to create friction to slow down.

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