Opening Day at Monarch

Opening day at Monarch is the day before Thanksgiving, the 21 of November. I think that’s 56 days from today. It’s been so windy here in Salida lately that I haven’t been riding my bicycle for a few days. I’m gonna have to get my butt out there regardless of the wind and chilly temperatures. I’m not about to start loosing all the fitness that I’ve gained over the summer just before the season starts.

Rikki, my daughter, is living up at Crested Butte these days. She says she’s going to try for a small job at the ski area so that she can get a pass. I’m trying to encourage her to apply as an instructor. She thinks she’s not good enough to teach, but I think she’s much better than she realizes. Rikki worked at Monarch for two years on the Farm Team (that’s our instructor apprentice program) and then two more years as a part-time ski instructor. She has more experience than she realizes. I really believe that her time spent learning the trade has helped her in many ways in her life. She learned to talk to people, how to be responsible, how to be in charge, the importance of figuring out what motivates people, and much more. Snow sports instruction is hard but very gratifying and rewarding work. I am very thankful she had the opportunity and I hope she tries for it again at Crested Butte.

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