Movement analysis

The 09-10 season is almost upon us. This is going to be the year that I finally finish my level III certification. Only have to pass the Movement Anaylsis and Teaching segments. Really they go hand in hand. One is very much like the other. If you think about it, how can you properly teach someone something they really need, as an individual, for their specific skiing, for their specific goals, unless you can accurately determine the single most important thing they need to advance themselves in the enjoyment of their snowsport enjoyment. I know, that is a long sentence, and maybe I’ll come back and edit it later.

Bottom line on this post is that I’ve been thinking about how am I going to brush myself up my teaching skills to be at my best on the first day of the season? I’m thinking that perhaps I can post videos of people skiing and make comments on how they are doing and what they can do to improve their technique. Now where to get the videos”

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