Movement Analysis Videos Via YouTube

Here’s an intersting concept. You send a YouTube link to a ski instructor via his or her blog and they post it with analysis and tips for improvement. I found this idea in practice on a blog called Free Ski ‘YouTube’ Video Analysis. The blog is by an Austrian ski instuctor named Carl Owen.

PSIA uses videos in their exams. Doing movement analysis while watching videos is one way to practice MA skills in addition to doing it live on the slopes. One thing nice about videos is that you can slow it down and play it over and over again. Slowing the video down and seeing it over and over allows you time to practice and hone your MA skills. On the other hand being able to slow down time is not like real life lessons and clinics on the mountain. 
Perhaps this might be a way to obtain videos of skiers to practice with and provide a service that could help generate business. Cool idea.

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    Sometime it just stuck with the whole situation.

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