More on MyMonarchSpace Social Network

I’m very excited to see MyMonarchSpace (Monarch Mountain’s social networking site) growing as fast as it is. That’s a screen shot of the home page of it on the left. I understand we are the only ski area in Colorado to implement such a site.

When you’re not signed in you see lists for New Members, Videos, Games, Music, Blogs of the Day, Most Popular Members, Groups, Events, and a Photo Gallery. When you register and then sign-in, only the stuff that pertains to your account (what you’ve signed up for, your particular member friends, etc) shows up on the top page.

The only way to send a message to one of the members in the Monarch social network is to register. It’s very simple to register and does not require that you go through the whole process of creating a profile. It seems that most people are registering anonymously. That’s okay, but for my purposes, I’m choosing to make myself identifable and to even encourage contact. You can find my profile by searching for RickyB. I’ve also created a Group called Snow Sports Instructors on the site. I’m hoping it will help visitors looking for instructor profiles.

I very much want to ask people that visit the MMS site to contact me and even book some time with me at Monarch. The MMS is actually designed to be an online social network, not really set up to facilitate private bookings. But I still think instructors can use it further promote themselves. After all, one of the most powerful means of promotion is networking, both online and on snow.

It will be interesting to see how Monarch’s online social network evolves. Since it’s a web 2.0 app, it’s the members themselves that change and make the space.

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