Lots Happened

A lot has happened over the winter. I’ve completed my final day of commitment to ski school and there are three days remaining in Monarch’s season.

I’ve got lots of pictures, lots of names of students, lots of experiences. I’m sorry I have not kept up with this blog. Seems once I start getting busy in instructor mode, it’s hard for me to sit down and write. Perhaps I can go through my little black book and recall some experiences.

I’ve been asked to build a website for the Monarch Corporation for what they call a Monarch Information Portal which has been keeping me busy since early February.

Some things I’d like to write about:

  • Students and people I met
  • My new boot issues
  • Changes in ski school
  • The clinics I attended
  • Clinics I led
  • New teaching techniques I learned
  • New ski techniques I learned
  • New terminology
  • Lessons from students
  • Possible career paths

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