Lilly!! First Private Lesson of the Season

This is Lilly! This photo was taken by Image Makers. I pulled it offline from their website here. Lilly is becoming an awesome skier. Last year she was in the Mountaineers program. She thinks her instructor was either Brad or Susan. It was a pleasure skiing with her yesterday (Sunday). 

She said her goal was to get warmed up for the season since it was her first day. I thought it was a great goal. Our first runs were on Snowflake a couple of times where we talked about how our bodies are flexible and we tried to feel our ankles flexing in our boots. She said there wasn’t much room to flex her ankle in her boot which made a lot of sense since the boots are hard plastic and when your littler it’s harder to press the boots forward with your shin and ankles. But we tried making turns feeling the front of the boot on our shins during the turn and then feeling the back of the boot with back of our leg when we wanted to let the skis go and let them go down hill before we started our next turn out of the gravity zone. Lots of big words here, but Lilly is used to them after being in the Mountaineers program. Later in the lesson we added a little more steering with our inside ski to help us finish the turns and to ski more parallel. Oh yeah, we explored most of the open runs including Snowflake (three times), Rookie (twice), Little Joe (three times) Round About, Liberty, KC Cutoff, and Sleepy Hollow. I hope to ski with her more this season before she re-inlists in the
Mountaineers program.
Lilly’s dad was surprised when I came out for the lesson. He said if he’d known I taught “kids” he would have requested me. Lilly is actually considered a Junior in our ski school. So, yes, I do teach kids from 7 to 99!

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