Handout for Re-Hire Orientation Meeting

I’ll be talking tomorrow for 10-15 minutes about the MyMonarchSpace. I created a handout to use at the meeting today.

It’s my feeling that the MMS can be used by instructors to help promote themselves and improve by participating in online discussions and forums. As I said in earlier posts the MMS is wide open and will evolve by user contributions. I’m still looking for tricks and tips to help people sign up for bookings with me on the mountain.

How the whole concept will be received is still an unknown. I’m not even sure how many of our instructors even use email, let alone get involved with online social networks. The younger instructors are probably more apt to embrace the idea.

A couple of instructors so far have brought up the point (online and f2f) that they don’t want anything that will just take up more time and create more work. And of course, naturally ski/snowboard school management does not want to create more work. I can totally understand that. But on a personal instructor’s level, it’s no skin off my back if other instructors don’t want to take the time to market their own professional services by taking advantage of a such an easy to use and accessible means as MyMonarchSpace.


  1. Off-piste on November 12, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    Oddly enough, I find the same resistance to any mention of the word “computer” from my ski school.

  2. Ricky B on November 14, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    Computers and cell phones. I’ve been told, and can understand, that many people go to ski areas to get away from those things. But if you spend most of your time there I don’t see any problem with trying to stay connected. One thing I would miss by having to login to get my assignments, like I understand the larger areas do, would be morning meetings and line ups. It’s a social time that I enjoy.

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