Gun Barrel Anyone?

Jack Sciacca, Monarch Mountain’s Ski School Director, invited me to climb Gun Barrel with him as soon as there is enough snow at the area. Way cool! I’m definitely going to take him up on this. I might have to dig up a pair of rock skis somewhere though. He says he’s going to climb Gun Barrel every morning at 7 a.m. as soon as there is enough snow. Doing that ought to help get ya in shape for the season! I’m guessing that it’s about a 700 foot elevation gain. This is like, hardcore. It’s working out at high elevation. It’s not quite like going to the gym and doing some arobics during the last month before the season starts. Hopefully there will be enough snow soon. Sometimes it seems like the snow does come to Monarch just untill the last few days before official opening day.

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