"Drive-To" Areas May See Benefit From Economy

With economy the way it is, there was some discussion about the impact to Monarch. Will guests not be able to afford visiting our mountain? Well here’s an article that says that drive-to areas may actually benefit from more visitors that cannot afford trips to destination resorts. People will still want to ski and snowboard even if they cannot plan long trips to expensive areas.

Here’s another article from the Denver Post that suggests that the destination resorts farthest from major population centers will be hardest hit by the economy. 
So less skiers going to destination resorts like Steamboat and Telluride means more skiers going to drive-to, one day areas like Monarch! Plus since our day passes are so much more affordable, I’m hoping we see even more guests! (Hmmm, on the other hand do we want the crowds on powder days?) I’m so conflicted. Naw, I know where all the secret stashes are. Plus if you ski with me, we get to cut lines. Sign-up now!

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