Came Down With a Cold But Couldn't Stop

Man, for about the past week I’ve been fighting a wicked cold and fevor. I think I just wore myself out during the first week or so of skiing and lowered my resistance. Today I’m feeling much better. It’s really hard to teach skiing when your head is all clogged up and your nose is running. The snow has been so great at Monarch that I just couldn’t stop. If I wasn’t teaching I was out skiing. I guess I should have known better to not over do it, but the powder was soooooo good!!!!!

Anyway I think I’ll be over it soon. I feel myself getting better. I think this is another reason to be fit when the season starts. Most people think they want to be fit so they will avoid injuries. But I think getting sick is another symptom of not being fit. I should have just taken it a little slower and not run myself down that way.

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