Blogging During Ski Season

This is going to be tough. Blogging during the ski season is going to require discipline. I’ve been having a great time at Monarch, skiing and teaching. My body is starting to get used to the routine of getting up early each day to catch the employee bus up to the mountain, getting ready for the day, meeting new people and skiing as much as possible. I actually had to not go skiing yesterday afternoon just to give my body a short recovery break. I can feel my winter fitness coming back quickly, but part of getting fit is giving your body time to recover from all the physical activity. That’s partly why I have not had a chance to write as much as I’ve wanted to. Plus there are the other activities going on as well (read parties), Business After Hours party, Pinon Real Estate Group party, Warren Miller Movie party, and a couple others I can’t remember the name of right now. Whew! I’ve been a busy boy. Hopefully as the routine settles in I’ll have more writings here.

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