Natural Healing Energy redesigned. Use of lots of large images with various effects such as parallax scroll and a minimizing header.

Santa's Workshop, North Pole, Colorado 2017 redesign. There's a thumbnail of the old site below in the right column. Once again bringing Santa's Workshop into contemporary design. This site is mobile first design. Clean and simple navigation. It's a terrific foundation for growth and scalability.

Monarch Community Outreachmco screen shot is mostly a brochure site designed to allow the MCO board to take back control of its own content. Branded to compliment the corporate site below, this site can easily be scaled to accommodate all their future needs, including the administrative needs of their board of directors and enhance fund raising efforts.

Mountain Spirit Winery


Mountain Spirit Winery is a full e-commerce responsive site selling wines, gifts, and club memberships. It has it's own shopping cart and inventory system that allows the owners to keep all their products updated.

PowderPlace Monarch Mountain Intranet


Powderplace serves as an intranet for Monarch Mountain. It is a closed site accessible by employees only. It serves as an employee information portal.


Monarch Mountain, LLC

monarchscreenshot is a modern responsive site utilizing a highly customized WordPress install. This site enables in-house marketing a high level of content creation and site management.

Twisted Cork Cafe


The Twisted Cork website is a simple and direct responsive restaurant site. It enables users to book reservations and see a menu. The menu is fully managed in the backend to keep the site updated.

Wes Hill Real Estate

weshillThe Wes Hill Real Estate responsive website is fully integrated with the local MLS so when agents add listings to the MLS it automatically updates the site. Users do not need to go off site to search the MLS listings. Users that show interest in a property will automatically notify staff. This site saves office administration tons of time that used to be done maintaining their old site.

Santa's Workshop, North Pole, Colorado

santasOne of my longest client relationships is Santa's Workshop. I've continued to maintained and have redesigned their site a number of times since 1995.

Olympic Memorabilia Catalog/Auction

Ingrid O'Neil, sells Olympic memorabilia from her website. We revamped this site and continue to maintain it. Ingrid O'Neil is the name when it comes to Olympic memoribilia.

Six-Day Bicycle Race Book Sales

Six-Day Bicycle Race A brochure site providing information about a new book and DVD about six-day bicycle racing in America. Simple, elegant design with streaming video.


Ancient and Past Sites

All the sites below were built from scratch using tools of the day (DreamWeaver, Expressions Web, FrontPage, Mad Dog HTML Editor, Text Editor). To build a website back in those days it was one man many tools. Now-a-days it's more like many contributors, each with their own specific tool.

Santa's Workshop, North Pole, Colorado

Santa's Workshop, North Pole, Colorado wanted their site redesigned after more than seven years of use. Their new site focuses on making tourists want to visit the theme park. Makes use of drop down menus, forms, coupons, interactive facilities maps, and animated gifs. Careful attention was made to emulate other new promotional materials.

Above All Home Inspections


Above All Home Inspections, LLC Awesome home inspection site in the high country. Graphic elements were well thought out. A very good looking site based on the fundamental information.

Above All was redesigned from a previous project I did that looked like this:


Susan McMillan Real Estate Agent

Pinon Real Estate Individualized Agent Site This site provides individualized information for an agent working for a real estate company.

Cartwright Professional Photography

Carol Cartwright Photography needed a redesign to update a 5 year old website. This simple and elegant site highlights her fine art photography and is enabled with simple e-commerce. Images here are well worth their cost.

Santa's Souvenir eCommerce Online Shopping

Santa's Souvenirs Simple e-commerce site selling items from Santa's Workshop.

Certify to Success


Certify To Success, Inc. is a small consulting firm specializing in helping women and minorities to become certified and then marketed to gain valuable government contracts. This site is currently under construction.

Florida College Alumni Chorus

Florida College Alumni Chorus This site sells its music CDs it has produced since 1993 using PayPal as its transaction facilitator.

The 119 Network


The 119 Network is the volunteer arm of International Bible Society. They wanted an unusual artsy site.

Dascha Music Publications

Dascha Publications produces music used in elementary school education. This site has clips of music and provides a means to acquire the scores.

ASI, Inc. Security Services

Abila Security An economical and professional site has helped this small security company compete and land important contracts.

Knotty Moon Fine Wood Productsknottymoon

Kugizaki Design owns Knotty Moon Designs. Here are displays of some nocturnal fine art woodworking projects.

Kids Crossing


Kids Crossing, Inc. helps foster children and foster parents.

Arizona Total Immersion

Arizona Total Immersion is a start up teaching American Sign Language in Arizona. This site is being built in stages as the company grows.

Myra Tovey Healing

Myra Tovey uses her site to talk about healing and heart centered touch. It lists schedules that use simple content management for the proprietor can simply change and update specific information on the site.

Peak Materials, Inc.

Peak Materials, Inc. sells a high end metal-organic oxide chemical vapor disposition system. This Web site is helping to communicate with their market and explain their company.

International Bible Society Foundation

International Bible Society Foundation uses their website to create an easy means for people to donate money or bequests. They wanted professional and trustworthy.

trackbikes is just a playful site devoted to a couple of very special young people.

Headwaters Expeditions, Inc.
Search Engine Optimization work.

Mini Mansions

Mini Mansions needed a web site to make their rental properties available to everyone around the world. This site is listed well on search engines and special vacation rental sites.

R1100S Goodies

Kugizaki Design owns R1100S Goodies that is very active in facilitating the sale of some cool part for the BMW motorcycle.

Fluke Technologies

Fluke Technologies wished to better position themselves in the highly competitive electronic test and measurement product industry. We provided search engine optimization services that greatly improved their position on search engines, particularly on Google on their US site.

Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies, Inc. (See résumé)
My two years spent with Agilent, a spin off of Hewlett Packard, involved a huge amount of work on intranets for two major divisions of the company. We consolidated numerous grass roots websites and combined the information into a useful centralized source of information, particularly for the field sales forces and internal departments. These sites cannot be shown here as they are only accessible by authorized personnel.

Carmichael Training Systems

Chris Carmichael Training Systems offers their services to elite level cyclists through their web site. Chris Carmichael is the coach for Lance Armstrong. Their catchy domain name,, appeals to their main audience. The site includes an online bookstore in association with

Community Partnership for Child Development

Community Partnership for Child Development was built with the idea of creating a site that could be easily maintained by their current staff. This site has become an  instrumental tool for the CPCD. was launched in a very short period of time and has complete, secure e-commerce functionality for 1000s of products at the time of this writing. easily expects over 5000 products on their site very soon. This site was featured on public television.

Pikes Peak Community Foundation


Pikes Peak Community Foundation had me set up this site to receive charitable donations in the Pikes Peak region. This contains a unique application of e-commerce with site security.

Airhead Airbrush

Airhead Airbrush This individual just wanted to implement another channel for selling airbrushes and his airbrush artwork and airbrush services. He already had a successful retail store in a mall setting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After his site was launched it became so successful that he chose to close down his physical store and conduct his business exclusively on the Web. He has since moved to Florida and continues to operate his business exclusively online. Our intent was to build a site that could be easily maintained by the proprietor himself. We feel that part of the success of this site was its narrow focus. He has even branched off into hosting websites for other art disciplines. He just went nuts! Perhaps it was the paints that did it to him.

American Academy of Forensic Sciences

One of our original web clients, American Academy of Forensic Sciences is finding that their site is taking on a life of its own where the forensic community has become very active.

Lone Wolf Industries

Lone Wolf Industries sold rustic furniture. National ad campaigns and promotional materials contained information about their web site. The site brought orders in from all over the country.

American Volleyball Coaches Association

American Volleyball Coaches Association is using their site to do many association related business functions that used to require extra staff to perform. This is a very active site.

Davis Family Association

The Davis Family Association, Inc. site provides a historical and genealogical resource. Visitors will find a wealth of interesting Civil War facts and pictures about the Confederate president as well as genealogy charts.

Rusinak Real Estate

Rusinak Real Estate, Inc. has kept up its competitive edge by establishing its web presence early in the real estate arena. This site uses a great deal of pulled in content.

Tucker Industries

Tucker Industries, Inc. sold burn protection products in the kitchen industry. This was a very functional site built using frames technology.

Inca Arts

Inca Arts was a two pronged site containing South American hand crafts and tours. I came in to complete this project that had stalled by previous developers.

Innervision Studios

Innervision Studios was a photography studio that specialized in automobile and motorcycle calendars. I created this low cost site to promote their Street Rod/Swimsuit edition.

Vintage Locator

This gentleman often wished he could deal in vintage automobiles,  so we created a web for him called Vintage Locator. It turned into an online community listing automobiles by updating a database.

Colorado Springs Youth Cycling League

Colorado Springs Youth Cycling League allows us to build their website as a community service. It allows for program sign-up and provides information regarding the Youth Cycling League.

El Pomar Youth in Community Service

El Pomar Youth in Community Service contains numerous forms designed to allow
high schools participating in the program to submit all necessary data. High schools have special access verified with usernames and passwords, but information intended for the general public is available.

Design Benefits Travel Packages


Design Benefits sells travel packages. There were some cool pictures here and very efficient navigation. Unfortunately it no longer exists.

The Bondurant Family Association

The Bondurant Family Association, had us redesign and build them a new site for their family association for not much money. This is a surprisingly active site.