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I’m thinking that one of the reasons I don’t post to my blogs is that I’m ascending and the default view of posts in my blogs is descending. In other words I want to write like a book where the reader starts at my oldest entries and reads toward the newest. A characteristic of blogs is that they display the newest first. You’d think that WordPress would have a check box or something that allows you to display posts in what ever order, but no, you have to go into the code of the default theme to make that kind of change.

This brings me to a thought I’ve been having about how I’m interacting with computers and why I feel overwhelmed with devices, media, methods, that I’ve got a new kind of writer’s block. In my last post (that you’d have to read next) I tried to talk about why I have not been writing. I blame it on too many options. So many options that I’ve become unable to make choices that would enable me to write. And here is yet another, frustration about how blogs list things in the wrong order.

I’m in the process of looking for a desktop replacement. Ugg, talk about choices! I’m leaning toward Apple because their devices seem to focus more on providing tools that just let you do the basic work rather than tools that are so focused on customization┬áthat I would spend all my time manipulating the tools rather than just getting the job done. Even this post shows that I’m more focused on the methods than I am on the task. It makes me wonder if I’m looking at a character attribute that I should perhaps embrace rather than fix. Is it just the way I am?

3 thoughts on “Order of Posts”

  1. I think you just like to make extra work for yourself thereby burying yourself in the details then putting off the final decision. Just sayin’.

  2. I was thinking about what you said about writing about what you know to confirm what you know and what you can share with someone else. Richard Feynman said that any concept that is understood can be explained to a German barmaid. Not exactly PC but I like it.

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