Commitment to Write

It’s always at the back of my mind. I want to write. I read a short article somewhere this morning about the benefits of writing. I know the benefits. Then the article talked about how to make it a habit. I already know how. The answer is to write. Just do it.

With so many options these days, I find it hard to create the habit. There are blogs, facebook, twitter, macs, PCs, yellow pads, journals, pencils, pens, keyboards, touch screens, uggg. I actually have probably a dozen blogs that I can write on. This one is my name blog. Then I have my ski blogs and my motorcycle blog, and my blog about blogs, but I rarely write on them anymore. Too many topics and too many mediums. I think I have too many options and I’m overwhelmed with the choices causing me to have a sort of writer’s block. Instead of the blank page, it’s the pile of choices.

Perhaps the topics and mediums would begin to narrow down if I just make the commitment to do it. But what is my commitment? Everyday, once a week, a thousand words, a single page, 140 characters on twitter, in a blog, in a journal, to a reader, to myself, to the universe, a specific topic, or what ever comes to mind, grammatically correct or free form whatever? I think creating some parameters will help to get started. If they change it’s no big deal (or is it). I hear my writing professor and adviser’s voice (Richard Berkey) in my head, “pick a time and write everyday.” Think that’s what I’ll do.

One thought on “Commitment to Write”

  1. You put it perfectly and I’m sure most people could relate. I’m on day one of committing to write everyday. So far so good. I have decided on a specific topic and this seems to help me. Also I’ve decided to write in a “Decomposition Book.” It’s like a composition book but made from 100% recycled material. It was a birthday gift and the first page was filled in by my friend with a lovely letter to me. Right now, it’s the perfect place to write. I have also chosen blue ink. For some reason I really only like to write in blue ink. Thanks for sharing and remember writing about writing is still writing. Right?

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